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How does anti-reflection/anti-glare actually improve vision?

Anti-reflection, or “AR” coating, offers patients improved eye vision and health.  How?  Vision improves with the increased amount of light allowed to pass through your glasses lenses to your eye.  When light hits the retina at the back of the eye, special cells called pho... Read More

Mr. Peepers

Back in the “old days,” there were no soft contact lenses, and the couture clothing designers would have been flabbergasted at the suggestion that they include eyewear in their fashion lines.  The choices were limited to spending weeks in misery, trying to become accustomed to hard ... Read More

In or Out?

2020 has been quite a year in Albuquerque!  The COVID-19 scare has prompted questions from a few of our patients about telemedicine for optometry. We at Casey Optical Too have been really fortunate to be able to avoid the worst of what the coronavirus has had to offer.   But . . . we ... Read More