Casey optical too

We’ve been in business a long time, and we have both expert knowledge and hands-on familiarity with the many optical and ophthalmic products on the market. Our goal is to offer the very best products at truly affordable pricing. That’s not easy. Over the years, much of our competition has offered lesser product quality in order to undercut our prices . . . but no longer!

Our friends at GSRX were working with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of highest quality ophthalmic lenses when we first met. They contacted us about plans to begin manufacturing their own high-quality lenses without the many added costs that could price private opticals out of business. In their own words:

With industry heavyweights dominating a marked-up market, the big-name lenses come with a hefty price tag – for you and your patients. We see no need to come out with a new name for lenses and coatings every year (unless we really wanted to add complexity and cost). We do see a need for ongoing improvement and updates in our portfolio. After all, a Porsche 911® is still a 911 after more than 40 years, but the desire to improve performance and safety from year-to-year never ceases.

Casey began using the GSRX lenses six years ago, when they began their new venture, and they have remained true to their mission to provide the very best high-end lenses at the very best prices for our customers.


Zeiss is the world's leading manufacturer of precision optics. From riflescopes to binoculars to giant telescopes to ophthalmic lenses, Zeiss runs the gamut. High-precision optical components with complex properties are used for lithography applications or in space. Large optics from Zeiss have been used in space for more than 30 years.Get ready to be astounded by what Zeiss can do with the lenses for your glasses!