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5 Makeup Tips For Bespectacled Belles

Makeup for spectacles

Anyone with glasses will agree that they present a set of unique challenges when it comes to makeup. However with a little tweaking here and there, you will be able to rock your regular makeup along with your specs. So, whether you are a spec newbie or a regular struggling with makeup, here are a few tips on how to make your specs fit better with your makeup.

Keep your Brows in Good Shape

Since specs draws attention to your eyes, it is crucial that you shape your brows really well. Get them shaped to compliment your face. Don’t blindly follow trends but instead find some styles which suit your face and specs well. You can also use makeup to highlight your brows.

Eye Liner can be your Best Friend

Eye liner can make the eyes pop out behind the spectacle frame. You can play with different colors and styles to adapt your style according to the occasion. So, go ahead and line those lovely eyes. Work close to the lash line and see the difference! It is a ground rule that thicker frames call for thick liner as well.

Go Easy on the Shadow

Spectacles tend to make the area around your eye look darker, so it is absolutely mandatory that you use a concealer first to lighten the area a bit. This will also make your eye makeup look much more striking. But don’t use too much of eye shadow else you might just end up looking like a raccoon.


Specs can make your face look wide but with a bit of contouring you can have those killer cheekbones while rocking your specs.

Go Bold on the Lips

Spice up your look with a bold lip color to go with your look. Thin frames go great with corals, pinks and lighter shades while gorgeous red, fuchsia and mauve look amazing on thicker frames.

With these makeup tips you can absolutely slay in those specs, be it every day or a party. Now look gorgeous without compromising on your vision.

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